spaces, spacing, spaced
1) N-VAR You use space to refer to an area that is empty or available. The area can be any size. For example, you can refer to a large area outside as a large open space or to a small area between two objects as a small space.

Under the plan, bits of open space - fields, golf-course borders and small parks - will be preserved.

...cutting down yet more trees to make space for houses...

I had plenty of space to write and sew...

The space underneath could be used as a storage area...

He looked cautiously through a half-inch space between the curtains and saw an empty bedroom...

The bird was enclosed in such a small space that it could not turn without bending its tail...

List in the spaces below the specific changes you have made.

2) N-VAR: usu supp N A particular kind of space is the area that is available for a particular activity or for putting a particular kind of thing in.

...the high cost of office space...

You don't want your living space to look like a bedroom...

Finding a parking space in the summer months is still a virtual impossibility...

The Women's Gym is a women-only space dedicated to women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

3) N-UNCOUNT: oft n of N If a place gives a feeling of space, it gives an impression of being large and open.

Large paintings can enhance the feeling of space in small rooms...

The sense of space and emptiness is overwhelming.

4) N-UNCOUNT If you give someone space to think about something or to develop as a person, you allow them the time and freedom to do this.

You need space to think everything over...

We will give each other space to develop.

5) N-UNCOUNT The amount of space for a topic to be discussed in a document is the number of pages available to discuss the topic.

We can't promise to publish a reply as space is limited.

...some work which we couldn't include because of lack of space in this issue.

6) N-SING: N of n A space of time is a period of time.

They've come a long way in a short space of time...

I have known dramatic changes occur in the space of a few minutes with this method.

7) N-UNCOUNT Space is the area beyond the Earth's atmosphere, where the stars and planets are.

The six astronauts on board will spend ten days in space.

...launching satellites into space.

...developments in space technology.

...outer space.

8) N-UNCOUNT Space is the whole area within which everything exists.

She felt herself transcending time and space...

The physical universe is finite in space and time.

9) VERB If you space a series of things, you arrange them so that they are not all together but have gaps or intervals of time between them.

[V n adv/prep] Women once again are having fewer children and spacing them further apart...

[V n] His voice was angry and he spaced the words for emphasis.

Derived words:
spaced ADJ adv ADJ, v-link ADJ adv/prep

Its houses are large, well-spaced and surrounded by gardens...

The RAC is calling for rest areas spaced at regular intervals on major roads.

spacing N-UNCOUNT

Generous spacing gives healthier trees and better crops.

Space out means the same as space.

V n P He talks quite slowly and spaces his words out... V P n (not pron) I was spacing out the seedlings into divided trays... V-ed P They will have time to draw breath between matches, with their last four fixtures spaced out over three weeks.

10) See also , airspace, , outer space, personal space
11) PHRASE: PHR after v If you are staring into space, you are looking straight in front of you, without actually looking at anything in particular, for example because you are thinking or because you are feeling shocked.

He just sat in the dressing-room staring into space...

Molly turned away and gazed off into space, a faraway look in her eyes.

12) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If you describe someone or something as a waste of space, you are indicating that you have a very low opinion of them. [INFORMAL]

Even Sarah treated him as if he were a waste of space...

Are we expected to believe those scribblings are art? This piece of trash was a waste of space.

13) PHRASE Journalists write `Watch this space' in order to indicate in an informal way that they will be giving more information about something in the future.

Watch this space for details of our next event.

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